Scope: On the road to success around the world

Scope is the name of an international freight forwarding software system for air and sea freight and customs applications that first started out on the road to international success in 2010. It facilitates communication between all process participants and systems and is open to any partner looking to connect electronically in the logistics chain. The scope of functions is large, ranging from the automatic generation of electronic air waybills and compliance checks to the detailed overview of the costs and revenues of all business transactions.

“We haven’t exactly conquered the world with Scope,” Dr. Tobias Riege concedes modestly, before going on to add with a touch of pride, “but we’ve still managed to establish ourselves in 34 countries on three continents.” Along with Christian and Gabriele Riege, he is one of the directors of Riege Software International GmbH, based in Meerbusch, Germany where Scope was conceived, developed and distributed. “These 34 countries represent the key logistics markets in Europe, Asia and North America,” Riege continues. “Over 450 customers are already using our software.”

The Riege success story began in 1985, when company founder Johannes Riege, husband of Gabriele and father of Christian and Tobias, set up his own business, culminating in the development of his first in-house project, the “Professional Carriage System”, or Procars for short. This transport management system was one of the first of its kind on the market and is still being used by various Riege customers around the world. “The system set a new industry standard,” says Dr. Riege, looking back: “The results were high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty that have lasted to this day. Even though we discontinued Procars in 2006, the system is still being used successfully around the world.”

The number of customers abroad also grew rapidly: Johannes Riege founded the first branch in the USA in 1991, and a subsidiary in Hong Kong was added in 1994. During a strategic consolidation phase, Christian Riege developed the new Scope product. The IT company went on to open further branches in the growth markets of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Mexico.

“Thanks to the good reputation of our Procars product, Scope‘s further expansion was welcomed with open arms,” recalls Dr. Tobias Riege. “Scope‘s unparalleled functionality and unlimited versatility make it ideal for big and small companies alike.” For example, DB Schenker Logistics is one of their reference customers, as is the TransHorse service provider from Dissen, which specializes in transporting horses by air. “We’ve had customers with so much confidence in us that they’ve introduced our application in 12 international branches simultaneously,” Dr. Riege continues. As far as the director is concerned, the worldwide expansion of his successful product is far from over: “We’re eagerly looking forward to acquiring a customer from country number 35.”

How Scope works

The Scope transport management system consists of a large number of user-friendly, compatible, and transparently calculable modules. These are intended to help the user simplify all processes involved in air and sea freight transport and in customs clearance, such as the consolidation and processing of collective consignments. This speeds up work processes, enhances employee and customer satisfaction, and improves efficiency thanks to e-freight and the automated generation of multilateral e-air waybills (e-AWB). A special feature of Scope is its availability to users exclusively as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Riege cloud. This saves customers substantial one-off investments in their IT infrastructure while allowing them to benefit from high levels of availability, automated updates and mobile data access.

Dr. Tobias Riege elected to ACCF’s executive board

Dr. Tobias Riege joined the executive board of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt  (ACCF) on June 7, 2018. Over 50 freight forwarders, airlines, cargo handlers and other service providers from all areas of the process chain have joined forces in the ACCF to increase the competitiveness of FRA as an air cargo location. Although Riege prevailed over a second candidate, he isn’t interested in characterizing his election as a victory: “I didn’t win an election; instead, I was given a vote of confidence and a job to do. Now I have to deliver. And I will deliver.”

Riege at the Frankfurt Air Cargo
Innovation Lab

As in 2017, Riege Software will once again be one of the sponsors of the Frankfurt Air Cargo Innovation Lab in 2018. Airport operator Fraport and its media partners DVZ and Air Cargo News are hosting this industry get-together.

Text by Behrend Oldenburg
Illustrations: Riege