Saloodo!: Digital freight marketplace for SMEs

DHL’s new digital freight marketplace Saloodo! has successfully gone live. Around 4,900 forwarders have registered more than 200,000 transport vehicles on the platform since January 2017. They are available to consignors as certified service providers.

The founding principle of Saloodo!

The range of services and products from Saloodo! is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises which rely on competitive offers and support for finding suitable transport companies for their full container loads, partial shipments or general loads. For every shipment request, Saloodo provides a direct overview of the wide range of certified shippers and provides price quotations for transportation. On the other hand, Saloodo! serves as a platform for transport companies of all sizes where they can present their services and competitive advantages. Saloodo! helps them to find suitable assignments to optimally utilize the capacity of transport vehicles.

The business model foresees Saloodo! being the contracting party to both the consignor and transporter for each individual transaction in order to offer both sides a high degree of security. The transport partners benefit from prompt payments through a simplified billing processes – and should, contrary to expectations, the actual contractor fail to provide services, DHL ensures the shipper transport.

Complete handling of the shipping process is displayed and controlled on the platform. This includes tracking and tracing, administration of the electronic proof of delivery, invoicing and any damage documentation if necessary. Saloodo! uses a driver app which helps to provide drivers with transport information and documents in real time. This application currently only runs on devices with an Android operating system.

Customer usage behavior determines the development of Saloodo!

Amadou Diallo,
CEO of Saloodo!
Saloodo! is currently available for German domestic freight as well as shipments being sent from Germany to 17 European countries. Saloodo! CEO Amadou Diallo has already announced further steps: “Saloodo! is developed in close cooperation with our customers’ usage behavior. We want to develop quickly, both with additional innovative features as well as with a number of shipping companies and freight forwarders, all working together via Saloodo!.” Expansion into other European countries as well as Asia is planned for later this year.

The business model of the online freight exchange Saloodo! will also be presented during the Frankfurt Air Cargo Innovation Lab on September 26-27, 2017, at Frankfurt Airport. An introduction to the innovative concepts of start-ups from the transport and logistics sector shall be given here in no particular order.

Text by Tim-Oliver Frische
Screenshot and photo: Saloodo!