Evertracker leverages artificial intelligence to optimize supply chains

Hamburg-based software startup Evertracker has developed an artificial intelligence solution for the logistics market, combined with an Internet of Things platform. The software maps logistics processes in real time and is designed to enable these to be proactively managed, so as to facilitate the automation of individual process steps. The objective is to know today what will happen in logistics chains tomorrow.

Evertracker doesn’t track objects, rather enables them to communicate – via GPS sensors enclosed in large letters, parcels, and vehicles or affixed to containers and trolleys, for example. This enables, for instance, purchased raw material to “speak” to its production lines and to organize its shipment itself. In addition, Evertracker can also process data from its customers’ existing sensors, to map process chains. Based on the real-time data collected, intelligent and self-learning algorithms help logistics and supply chain managers make better decisions faster, automate processes, and identify difficulties and vulnerabilities before they arise. Unreliable scans by employees, inaccurate RFID timestamps, and inadequate tracking of delivery vehicles should consequently be a thing of the past.

A multitude of logistics applications

The innovative technology from Evertracker forms the basis for a multitude of logistics applications, which are already in use at renowned European companies, including Volkswagen and its digital subsidiary RIO, as well as mail service providers like Mail Alliance and PIN Mail. time:matters Spare Parts Logistics, a provider of time-critical spare parts logistics, part of the Lufthansa Cargo Group, also uses the logistics startup’s software.

“With our product, we automatically create complete transparency across the entire logistics chain, without the need for the companies involved in the shipping to keep in contact by phone, radio, or any other channel,” says Marc Schmitt, co-founder and CEO of Evertracker. “We’ve developed intelligent algorithms to analyze trips in real time and proactively, to actively provide information about consignments, and to manage all kinds of shipments and movable goods.”

German Excellence Award for Evertracker

The Hamburg software startup can also celebrate economic success: In February 2018, Evertracker was awarded the German Excellence Award in the category ‘Digitalization – New Technologies’ for its outstanding achievements for German industry. Furthermore, the startup is the only German company to have been accepted onto Plug and Play’s supply chain and logistics program in Silicon Valley. Partners of the “accelerator”, which supports startups in their early stages of growth, include such groups as Deutsche Post DHL, Lufthansa Cargo, and BASF, who wish to pursue long-term collaborations with newcomers.

“Our participation in the Plug and Play accelerator is a key step for Evertracker. It’s great confirmation for us that relevant market giants believe in our technology and see considerable added value for their processes.”

Marc Schmitt, CEO and co-founder of Evertracker

“We chose Evertracker because we, and in particular our partners, are confident that the technology can benefit the sector and see real market relevance here,” says Farzin Shadpour, Vice President and Managing Director of Plug and Play. The specific potential of the Evertracker solution is that it gives industry customers full control of their supply chain and logistics processes, which leads to greater predictability, reliability, and cost savings and frees up capital.

Text by Benjamin Klare
Photos: Fotolia/Jakub Jirsák, Evertracker

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